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  Joining CoFlats community is by self selection, you simply buy a flat but must also agree to the principles of CoFlats. The most relevant requirements are that residents must be members of the Residents Association, partake in communal chores eg cleaning common parts, communal cooking etc. and subscribe to the car share club (about 140 p.a.). Decision making will be by consensus and if deadlocked by 70% majority. Sharing meals etc is of course voluntary. Coflats allows you to be as private or as communal as you wish.

If this sounds like an exciting place in which to live, check the costs , look at web sites on cohousing eg or and/or the book, Cohousing by Kathryn McCammant then send an email to giving all your details and asking any further questions.

To secure a flat now, simply pay a deposit of 5,000. You will then be commited to pay the balance when the flat is complete.

Pre-payment of the full price is possible at this stage. This method attracts a 3% discount. Paying a deposit or pre-payment enables you to become a member of the Residents Association and CoFlats Stroud Ltd. This is the company which will manage the community and own the building, common house and gardens.

The cost of each flat includes the Common House, the laundry, the 2 shared cars, garden and courtyard. The price increases by 10% p.a. pro-rata from 1
st January 2006 prices. Paying a deposit or pre-purchase fixes the price.