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  CoFlats Stroud is a community made up of 14 private self contained flats. There is a small common house on 2 floors and a shared laundry.

The Common house is for residents and friends to socialise, cook communal meals, organise events, hold residents meetings to run the common aspects of CoFlats or just hang out and have a cup of coffee whilst the laundry is done next door.

People need community and privacy. Cohousing is a way for people to live together so that they can have as much community and privacy as they want. The concept is simple and immediately comprehensible. It is the way forward for human beings to live together in a safe, independent and caring neighbourhood. It is a revolution that is beginning now. We will no longer just choose a new house when we move, we will join a new community.

Coflats is similar to Cohousing but the building design is mostly complete and there are no houses.

Coflats Stroud is partly inspired by the 1930's Isokon Building in Hampstead. In its heyday before the war, it was an innovative and radical community housing project. Like Cohousing there was a shared dining room and laundry. Agatha Christie, Bauhaus designers, poets, artists and philosophers lived there. The community atmosphere enabled the residents to be highly productive.

There is a shared courtyard and south facing garden accessible via a bridge from the Common House and from the courtyard. The CoFlats project is expected to be complete by October 2006. Flats can be bought at this stage see How to Join.

The Coflats Company is managed by David Michael. See the Observer article. David is the managing director of the Cohousing Company and founded Frankleigh Cohousing near Bath and Springhill Cohousing Community in Stroud. Springhill was the first new build Cohousing in the UK, it won a government award for sustainable communities and a EuroSolar award.